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Primary Research Project

Frequently asked questions

  • What grades is the project for? - The program is linked to the Australian Curriculum for years 5 and 6.
  • How do I register?  Teachers can register free of charge. If they chose to enrol students it costs $6 Aus per student 
  • When is registration due? - The Primary Research Project can be used at any time from March to December.  You need to register two weeks before you wish to use the program
  • When can we participate? - Anytime before December 1st
  • How much does it cost? - In Australia, the Primary Research Project is $6 per student, plus a one off school admin fee of $40.

The Primary Research Project can be done at any time during the year.

If you have changed schools since last year please let us know your new contact details by emailing Admin@GiantClassroom.com.au