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The Great Race - Primary

The Great Race - a competition for history, geography and social studies

Get your students out of the school classroom into The Giant Classroom.  Let them race against students from other schools all over Australia and New Zealand as if they were at a sports carnival. Join The Great Race and see the excitement of students competing with each other for prizes provided by our sponsor www.pearsonplaces.com.au   The prize for the winner of the Grand Final is either a laptop computer or an iPhone.

The Great Race Primary Edition

The Primary Edition provides a focus on current events. Our aim is to develop students' general knowledge by looking at key international events.  Each week of The Race we will put online 10 questions based on recent events.  Students can use any resources to help them answer the questions at any time during the week.  The Great Race will run for 16 weeks during the year made up of four, four week heats - one heat in each term.  There will be winners at the end of each heat.

At the end of the week when the questions are closed the students can check their answers andtudents from their school, state or nation.

The points that they earn are tallied each week to give a cumulative total that shows the leading student from each state each week.The winner of the Grand Final will recive either a laptop or an iPhone as the prize.

The program would be ideally suited as a homework or class exercise that would take students up to half an hour each week.  Students work is marked and results showing their progress available for teachers to use in their assessment.

What to do now?

  • Register yourself at GiantClassroom.com.au
  • Once you are registered you will have access to the Teacher Admin page. 
  • Choose which program you wish to participate in, i.e. The Great Race Primary Edition. 
  • Select the number of students you wish to participate in the competition.
  • Print off a Tax Invoice.
  • Send payment and a copy of the Tax Invoice to The Great Race Primary Edition, to the address shown on your tax invoice.
  •  When we receive your payment we activate your account and you can register your students so that they can answer the questions.  


Points to Note:

Key dates:

Competition dates - 

Heat 1 - 1 March 2010

Heat 2 - 24 May 2010

Heat 3 - 2 August 2010

Heat 4 - 18 October 2010

Grand Final - 24 November 2010


Pricing Structure for Australia*

Price per student is $6.00

There is a one off school admin fee of $30

All prices include GST

*New Zealand prices are as above plus $1 per event